About Us


ERGOline is a company that is operating in the field of technical works, with specialty in Hotel construction and renovation.

Our experience, allows us to be confident, for the construction of this specific project.

We have developed, all the necessary procedures and methodology to deliver every project we undertake on time and at the optimized quality.

The company's purpose is the study, design, management and construction of technical projects, in many places around Europe. Our goal is to construct, in accordance to the specification of the study and to meet the highest requirement, at the minimum time, at competitive cost.


The Company consists of engineers of all disciplines and have technical department with qualified supervisor, as well as a partner network of technicians and installers in all disciplines of the technical area.

The company's infrastructure is based on a flexible cooperation model of the working group for each project.

The members are called to recruit a team consisting from required faculties depending on the specifications of the undertaking project.


ERGOline has the organization and methodology to complete a project from initial design through the final delivery.

Our methodology is the adoption of the complete, distinguished and unified responsibility throughout the final outcome.

With responsibility, consistency and constant updating of the radical inventions in the technology, we aim to improve continuously our offered services.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions both at the design stage, and the construction of a technical project.


Our company, is based in Greece. To effectively manage the construction that is described to this document, it is necessary to establish a branch of our company in Denmark and specifically at Copenhagen, using the personnel described in the organization chart.

All the management of the project will be performed from Denmark, using local personnel, personnel from Greece and from other countries.

Our company, have undertaken and delivered, project in Europe. We are familiar with the European legislation and we have the knowledge of the procedures.


The main goal for our company is to deliver the project in the requested time schedule, and at the desired quality.

We have the capability and the method to achieve this, because during every construction we undertake, we support our work with a competent design team, that can perform studies, of all faculties of engineering (Civil & Structural, Architecture, Electro-Mechanical) to solve any doubts during construction and suggest solution to any problem might come up. Of course, the decision will be made from the Project Manager and the team that studied the project.


Our company’s quality policy includes :

  • Implement communications protocol and issues for the all the aspects of each project
  • To provide to customers of all technical data and information related to their work through specialized websites
  • Defining project manager, responsible for all aspects of a project throughout the course of this