Building Projects

ERGOline has the potential to fully cover the construction of a work delivering it ready for use. The company is competent to undertake:

  • Design of a Hotel facility for renovation and expansion
  • Construction Site Supervision and Quality Control
  • Design, Supervision and Construction, of industrial buildings.
  • Housing construction, hotels, business premises and industrial buildings
  • Renovation, repair-enhancing buildings
  • Application of E / M Installations
  • The implementation technological innovation for energy - upgrading buildings
  • Construction of bioclimatic buildings

Advanced Technology

ERGOline specializes in the application of specific modern technologies such as:

  • Manufacture photovoltaic installations
  • Implementing underfloor cooling – heating systems
  • Construction of wastewater treatment plants
  • Applying technical insulation of the building envelope.
  • Sustainable design and construction, minimizing the energy consumption of building and operating cost reduction of buildings (especially businesses)

Support local industries - manufacturing units

ERGOline dynamically expanding its activities in the field of technical supporting industrial - manufacturing units. Specifically:

  • Provides technical consulting services in the fields of production and health and safety issues.
  • Provides technical support in aspects related to the issuing - renewal of operating licenses, required from the legislation
  • Implements preventive procedures-repair-suppressive maintenance for all building infrastructure and E / M installations.
  • Organizes the implementation of maintenance contracts for specialized installations of an establishment.

Engineering Services

ERGOline provides all services of an Engineering Company. Specifically :

  • Issuance of building permits
  • Regularization of Structures
  • Architectural Studies & Concept Design
  • Surveys
  • Structural Design
  • Electromechanical Studies (Water intallation, Sanitation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Ducted, Fuel Gas, Electrical installations (Strong - Weak), medium voltage substations, Fire resistance, Fire detention, Elevator, Swimming Pools, Solar - Thermal Systems, Soundproofing, Industrial Refrigeration)
  • Energy Efficiency Studies - Energy performance certification
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Supervision of Construction – Construction
  • Project Management